Adult Hockey in the Flathead Valley

Whitefish Adult Ice Hockey Association COVID-19 Policy

The Whitefish Adult Ice Hockey Association is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our members, staff, participants, family, and friends. In order to facilitate this the following policies have been implemented in conjunction with the Stumptown Ice Den and will be observed by all WAHA members, participants, spectators, and staff. The policies listed below are subject to change as required by federal, state, and local mandates.

  1. A face mask that covers both the nose and mouth is required when entering the lobby, bathrooms, and locker rooms at the Stumptown Ice Den. ​You will not be allowed into the building without a mask.
  2. Anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms may not enter the Stumptown Ice Den. Symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, chills, cough, sore throat, unexplained muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and recent loss of taste or smell.
  3. Only players are allowed on the ice, player’s bench area and locker rooms. Players are not required to wear a mask on the benches or ice.
  4. Players and participants must use the locker room assigned to their team or group and are prohibited from using the showers in the locker rooms.
  5. Players are asked to show up 15 minutes prior to their game or ice session and required to leave the Stumptown Ice Den within 15 minutes of their game or ice session ending.
  6. Spectators and players may not congregate in the lobby. Spectators are encouraged to watch on ice activities from the bleachers and should maintain a proper distance at all times while continuing to wear a mask.
  7. Players are asked not to shake hands after games.
  8. WAHA encourages league and substitute fees to be paid online ​here​.
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