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2016 Monty Hockey Tournament

For those not initiated, The Monty is simply ridiculous. Fourteen local teams compete, each needing A, B+, B, C, Women and players over 50 years old. Any team with a lead has to play with a goalie without a stick. All penalties are penalty shots with chase. Each team is given three pink punks they can use, that when scored, when they are behind, are worth two goals. All tiebreakers are decided with the relay race.

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2017 Monty Tournament Information & Rules

Rules are governed by USA Hockey rulebook, & the following:
  1. RULE #1: Monty Huntington was all about having fun. The goal of this tournament is to have fun, smile, laugh, drink and remember our friend.
  2. Games will be three 16-minute running time periods. The last three minutes of the third period will be stop time is the score differential is 2 or less.
  3. All players must read and sign the player contract/roster. Roster is due before the start of your first game. All players must be 18 years old. All rosters must be approved by tournament director.
  4. No player may score more than 3 goals in any one game. If a player scores a forth goal, it will be disallowed and the face off will be at the other end.
  5. ‘A’ level players scoring goals: The number of ‘A’ goals allowed in each game will be the lowest number of ‘A’ level players on one of the teams. Example – PBR has 3 ‘A’ players and Outcasts have 5 ‘A’ level players, then 3 is the number of ‘A’ goals allowed per team. Example 2 – The Fish have 4 ‘A’ players and Leftovers have 7 ‘A’ players, then 4 is the number of ‘A’ goals for that game. If an illegal ‘A’ goal is scored it will be disallowed and the face off will be at the other end.
  6. All ‘A’ level players will be designated with pink tape. Some B+ players will also be given pink tape if their skills demand it. Only two pink tape players are allowed on the ice at a time. The failure to follow will result in a penalty shot for every non ‘A’ player on the ice for the opposing team.
  7. All ‘A’ goalies must put their stick on top of the net if their team has a 1 goal lead. All other goalies must relinquish their stick if his/her team has a two goal lead.
  8. All penalties will result in a penalty shot.
  9. Penalty shot rules: The puck will remain alive. All players will line up with both knees touching the opposite blue line. Once the shooter touches the puck, all players from both teams may get up and ‘crash the net’. The shooter must shoot on net, he/she cannot pass the puck, nor may any opposing player hinder his/her attempt to shoot. Penalty shot goals (and own goals) do not count as a goal on the stat sheet for an individual player-only the scoreboard.
  10. Pink puck rules: Each team will receive three pink pucks. It is up to the team as to when and if they want to play their pink pucks. Pink pucks must remain in play for at least one minute of clock time. On the first whistle after one minute of pink puck play, the puck will be discarded. The pink puck is worth 2 points when scored by the trailing team, or when scored while teams are tied. The pink puck is worth 1 point when scored by the team leading. If a penalty occurs while the pink puck is in play, the pink puck will be used for the penalty shot. You cannot put a pink puck out to start a penalty shot.
  11. Each team must meet the minimum roster requirements for each game. 3A, 2 Women, 2 50+, 2B+, 2B, 2C and 2B/C. Teams must pick up players from other teams to meet these requirements. Failure to field all positions will result in a goal against at the start of every period a team is not in compliance.
  12. A player may only substitute once per day. A player may only sub for the same team once throughout the tournament.
  13. No checking is allowed – Penalty shot for any two players on the checked players team on the ice.
  14. No slap shots allowed. (Above the knee) Puck is dead and face off at the other end. Fake slap shots will also be whistled dead.
  15. Strapped helmets are mandatory. Teams are provided with one time out.
  16. Only the Captains may discuss calls with referees. Referee abuse: Penalty shot
  17. All round-robin games that end in a tie are ties.
  18. If one of the 4th games ends in a tie, a 3-person shootout will follow. One shooter must be 50+, one must be a woman, and one must be a ‘C’ level player. If still tied a sudden death shootout will occur, opposing team selects shooters.
  19. Championship game tie plays a 3-minute stop time, four on four sudden death overtime. Only one ‘A’ player on the ice. No winner, then there will be a 3-minute stop time, three on three sudden death overtime. No winner, then there will be an unlimited time, two on two sudden death overtime.
    • Scoring Summary: 2 points for a win
    • 0 points for a loss
    • 1 point for a tie
    • Maximum: 4 points
    • Tiebreaker: fastest relay time
  20. All teams with 4 or more points are eligible for the finals, depending on the outcome of the relay
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