Adult Hockey in the Flathead Valley

Adult Hockey League Rules and Policies

  1. USA Hockey and WAHA rules apply to all games.
  2. Games will be three 18 minute running time periods with the last three minutes of the game stop-time unless the score differential is 2 goals or more.
  3. Penalties will be three minutes during running time, two minutes if the penalty occurs during stop time.
  4. No checking is allowed – double minor.
  5. All players must be equipped with a strapped helmet, shin guards, elbow pads, gloves, and hockey skates (goalie skates are acceptable).
  6. No slap shots or fake slapshots. A slap shot is defined as any wind-up above the waist.
  7. Automatic icing, tag up offsides, and no red line.
  8. Captains may only discuss calls with referees.
  9. Five minute warm-up before games.
  10. Decisions of the commissioner are final!
  11. Three minute sudden-death overtime and three man shootout if a tie.
  12. (2) pts. for a win, (0) pts. for a loss, (1) pt. for overtime loss.
  13. Tiebreaker format: (1) Points, (2) Head to head, (3) Wins (4) Goals against-entire season, (5) goals for-entire season.
  14. No player may score more than three goals in any one ‘B’ league game, or one ‘C’ league game.
  15. Substitution Policy: All substitutions must come from the official WAHA reserve list. Registered league players may not sub for any team in that players drafted league. The individual ranking of the substitute may not exceed that of the player he/she is replacing. No substitute may play consecutive games for the same team. Any violation of the substitution policy will result in a forfeit for the violating team
  16. Player penalty rules:
    1. Minors: three minute penalty
    2. Double Minor: six minute penalty
    3. Fighting: major + ejection
    4. Abuse of Officials: minor, 10 minute misconduct, game misconduct
    5. Game Ejection: four minors any combination
    6. Major Penalty: automatic ejection from game with possible league suspension after review by the league commissioner and dicipline committee.

Leagues Fees

There are two league seasons per winter, plus a lot of drop-in hockey slots every week. You can pay for each service as you go, or buy a pass for the entire year.

Item Cost
Full-Monty Pass
(2 league seasons plus all the drop-in you can skate, save $50!)
Player League Session
(or two payments of $90)
Goalie League Session
(or volunteer at 10 drop-in sessions)
Drop-in Season Pass
(all drop-in skates for the full season September 1st - April 1st)
Drop-in Punchcard
(Save $30 on 10 drop in sessions)
Drop-in Session Pass $15
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