Adult Hockey in the Flathead Valley

Adult Hockey League Substitution Policy

  1. Team captains may acquire substitutions for missing teammates from the sub list provided by the league commissioner.
  2. Substitutions must include a person with an equal or lesser ranking as the missing teammate.
  3. Players from other teams within the league are not allowed as subs.
  4. Players from other leagues are allowed as subs provided their ranking is equal to or less than that of the missing player.
  5. Players not found on the sub list are not allowed unless they are selected appropriately from another league.
  6. Substitutes may not play back-to-back games for the same team.
  7. Substitutes are not allowed in playoff games.
  8. Substitutes may participate in multiple games in one night.
  9. The cost to play as a sub is $20 per game. Current league players can sub for $10 per game. The cost to play an additional game on the same night is $5 per game.
  10. The maximum number of subs for one team is 4. A team that acquires more than 4 subs will forfeit the game, but may still play.
  11. Use of men as subs in Women’s League constitutes a forfeit.
  12. Exceptions may apply for goalies due to the limited number of goalie subs.
  13. Exceptions may apply in leagues with limited numbers of subs with applicable rankings.
  14. This policy is a work in progress and future amendments may be required. Exceptions and situations not covered under this policy will be addressed by the league commissioner in consultation with team captains and the WAHA board.
  15. Contact the WAHA Board of Directors at with any questions or suggestions.
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